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Sundar Viddeos is one of the leading photographers & videographer in TamilNadu. Being into the field of photography and videography since 1983.

We acquired wide knowledge and expertise in all kinds of photography such as wedding photography, Candid Photography industrial photography, studio portrait, corporate event photography, political event photography and digital video coverage, crane coverage, wedding videographer, modeling photographer for all kinds of functions which you would like to keep in memory for your lifetime.

In an industry where the quality of equipment used is directly related to the outcome of the final product, Sundar Viddeos is very particular about using the latest technology in both the filming and editing process. This is particularly true when it comes to HD: Though some videographers offer HD, it is often a consumer tape-based format, known as HDV. However, Sundar viddeos records HD on solid-state memory using professional P2 cards (adopted by over 80% of the world’s major broadcasters), for an overall higher quality image and a look closer to film. In addition to our cameras, we also make use of various image-stabilization mechanisms from steadicams to camera cranes, to create smoothness & fluidity. This enables variable frame-rates and stunning true slow motion. Our Cinematic HD wedding videography packages also now include use of the amazing Canon 5D Mark II,canon 7D, NX-5 to which we are able to add film lenses for spectaclar cinematography.


Full HD (4k) Multi Setup

Full HD Mixer & Ki Pro Recorder

Candid Photograph

Heli Cam & Gimple Coverage

Zimy Zip Crane with wide Angle Lens

Video Conference & Live Webcasting

Blu ray(HD) Disc Final Output

Album Making/lamination



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